Street Art – Penang

Street Art phenomenon exploded in Penang quite a few years back and street art hunting became a must-do thing on one’s itinerary when visiting the island.

And that was what I did with my family back in 2013. Took quite a few photos, but I particularly like this one – kid trying to reach a can of Coke in a back alley.



Winter by the sea: Leigh-on-Sea

Weather today was surprisingly good considering it’s winter, so we decided to go for a drive. An ex-colleague recommended Leigh-on-Sea a while back, so we thought we’d give it a go. The view was breathtaking and we look forward to visiting again and try out some pub grub…

The sun was too harsh so the photos are not that great, and there was vignetting that I can’t seem to get rid of. However, I promised hubby I’d post pictures regularly, so here they are.

I’m getting used to using manual mode on my 5D Mk2 once again. It’s been a while since I used that mode.