Portrait of the Day – Lucky

Portrait taken using my 5D Mark 2, 24-105mm lens.




Say hello to Lucky, our new pup (Cavachon, terrier cross). We got her on 3 May 2017. Lucky’s going to be 9 months old soon. Moving forward, she’ll be featured quite regularly on this website.

Mummy, what are you doing?

Photo of the day – Master Yoda

I’ve been really stressed out for the past two weeks, and when I sat for my first exam yesterday I was really sure that I was going to fail. But at last, I passed!

Passing this exam gave me back some confidence that I lost and gave me motivation to continue with my personal development.

I bought this Tsum Tsum as a reward for passing the exam!


Street Art – Penang

Street Art phenomenon exploded in Penang quite a few years back and street art hunting became a must-do thing on one’s itinerary when visiting the island.

And that was what I did with my family back in 2013. Took quite a few photos, but I particularly like this one – kid trying to reach a can of Coke in a back alley.


Photos of the day -Vin Romanesc

I swear they make some of the best wines I’ve had so far.

Claud bought two cases of mixed red and white wine, and we were pleased to find two bottles of Romanian wine in the cases. We tried the wine with a roasted pork belly dinner – the combination was perfect.

I decided to try a bit of macro photography with the wine label, using a 100mm f2.8 lens on my 5DMk2