Portrait of the Day – Lucky

Portrait taken using my 5D Mark 2, 24-105mm lens.




Say hello to Lucky, our new pup (Cavachon, terrier cross). We got her on 3 May 2017. Lucky’s going to be 9 months old soon. Moving forward, she’ll be featured quite regularly on this website.

Mummy, what are you doing?

Photo of the day – Master Yoda

I’ve been really stressed out for the past two weeks, and when I sat for my first exam yesterday I was really sure that I was going to fail. But at last, I passed!

Passing this exam gave me back some confidence that I lost and gave me motivation to continue with my personal development.

I bought this Tsum Tsum as a reward for passing the exam!


Street Art – Penang

Street Art phenomenon exploded in Penang quite a few years back and street art hunting became a must-do thing on one’s itinerary when visiting the island.

And that was what I did with my family back in 2013. Took quite a few photos, but I particularly like this one – kid trying to reach a can of Coke in a back alley.